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  • - Circulation 95,426 ABC Audited
  • - Distributed 8 times per year
  • - A consumer bowhunting publication
  • - Chuck Adams, the world's most prolific bowhunting writer, says Bowhunting World "is my favorite publication for no-nonsense technical info about archery."

Bowhunting World

Bowhunting World

Magazine Description

Bowhunting World is the oldest and most trusted bow hunting consumer magazine on the market today. Each issue of Bowhunting World is packed with cutting edge information showing you how you can become more successful in teh field. Specialized editorial on equipment and equipment uses, separates Bowhunting World from the rst of teh magazines. If you are a veteran bow hunter or just getting into the exciting sport, then Bowhunting World will fill your needs in many ways.

Meet the Editor

Passionate bowhunter and award-winning journalist Mike Strandlund has been Bowhunting World editor for 15 years. he began bowhunting and writing for outdoor magazines as a teenager almost 30 years ago and has bowhunted in nearly every state and province, as well as Africa. He has taken dozens of big game animals by bow and is an expert in bowhunting techniques and equipment. In 2002, Mike was inducted into the National Bowhunters Hall of Fame in the category of literary excellence.

Departments & Columns

  • Up Front: news from the hunting and outdoor industry
  • New Gear: The editors examine the latest and greatest hunting gear
  • Tech Talk: Questions from readers answered by our editors
  • IBO Newsletter: News from the International Bowhunting Organization
  • Back Country: The "how to's" for back country bowhunting
  • Bow Report: Full reports on this year's new bows with clear and consise data