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  • - Circulation 160,000
  • - Distributed 6 times per year
  • - Elk hunting and conservation publication
  • - Bugle readers are the most passionate elk hunters in teh nation



Magazine Description

Bugle, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's journal of Elk Country and the Hunt, is the source for all things elk: hunting tips and stories, the hows and whys of elk behavior, and what it takes to keep America's grandest game species wild and thriving. Bugle readers are passionate hunter conservatives who invest their time, money and hearts in the outdoors. The great majority are driven big game hunters. many feel the same way about hunting upland birds and waterfowl. Most fish at least 25 days a year. They are committed to wild country and our sporting way of life.

Meet the Editor

Hunting Editor - PJ DelHomme started out as an intern with Bugle when he was in graduate school. After graduation, he went on to pursue a career digging irrigation ditches and laying sod - hey, jobs are tough to find in Missoula. Three years later when a spot as assistant editor came open at Bugle, he cut his hair, bought a tie, and got hired. Now, he gets to read hunting stories while watching elk and whitetails out his office window.

Departments & Columns

  • Elk Hunting Q&A: Foundation members share hunting tactics from the woods
  • Out Among 'Em: Members share photos from adventures in elk country
  • Rifles and Cartridges: Showcases elk rfile guru Wayne van Zwoll
  • Bows and Arrows: Captures the unrivaled elk hunting savvy of Chuck Adams
  • Situation Ethics: Offers personal, in-the-field stories that ready us for those tough, now-or-never choices elk hunting presents.